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新视野大学英语:视听说教程 4

       《新视野大学英语》是国务院批准的教育部“面向21世纪振兴行动计划”的重点工程“新世纪网络课程建设工程”项目系列教材之一。 由国家级名师上海交通大学郑树棠教授担任总策划和教材总主编,ck棋牌官网下载:清华大学、上海交通大学和东北大学等全国十余所大学几十名资深教授和中青年骨干教师共同设计、编写和制作的教育部普通高等教育“十五”国家级规划教材,教育部大学英语推荐教材。


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  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-1

    Uint1 II. Basic Listening Practice 1.Script M: Im beside myself with joy. Im so lucky. Guess what? Ive won a lit of money in the lottery. W: Yeah? Well, you do know that money is the root of all evil, right? Q: What does the woman mean? 2.Script W: M...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-2

    III. Listening In Task 1: Soft answers turn away wrath. Mary: Dam! Youre spilled red wine on me. My new dress is ruined. John: I m terrible sorry! What can I do to help? Heres some water to wash it off. Mary: Stop splashing water on me! Oh, this is s...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-3

    Task 2: Big John is coming! Script A bar owner in the Old West has just hired a timid bartender. This (S1) owner of the establishment is giving his new hire some instructions on (S2) running the place. He tells the timid man, If you ever hear that Bi...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-4

    Task3: A View of Happiness Script Dr. Smith has proposed a reasonable, if perhaps somewhat oversimplifies, view of happiness. According to his theory, happiness might be described as a state if balance. And when human or certain animals achieve that...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-5

    IV. Speaking Out MODEL 1 Dont let it get to you! Susan: You look so angry. What happened? Chris: Nothing Id rather not talk about it. Just dont ask. Susan: Come on. Relax. Talk to me. Chris: All right. This morning I took my car to the garage to chec...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-6


  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-7

    MODEL2 Im too depressed. Script Susan: Chris, I hear youve been down in the dumps, so Ive come to cheer you up. Chris: Its not gong o work. Im too depressed Susan: Come, on. Tell me whats on your mind. Chris: Everything. My girlfriend left me; my dog...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-8


  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-9

    MODEL3 You seem to be on top of the world. Script Nora: Oh, hey, John! John: Hey! Nora: You seem to be on top of the world tonight. Whats up? John: Im so happy Im about to burst. Guess what? Nora: Youve got me. John: It might be true that misfortunes...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-10


  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-11

    V. Lets Talk Script Hello, everyone. Today I invite you to join me in an exploration off the causes of depression. There ate many factors involved, but I believe some deserve special attention. Heredity certainly plays a role. .The tendency to develo...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-12

    VI. Further Listening and Speaking Task1: Reason and Emotion Script Emotion is sometimes regarded as the opposite of reason; s is suggested by phrase such as appeal to emotions rather than reason and dont let your emotions take over. Emotional reacti...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-13

    Task 2: Depression Script Pat: You look depressed. Are you feeling blue? Ive come to cheer you up. Ted: But theres nothing that can cheer me up. Im down in the dumps. Lifes miserable Pat: You have to try to get your mind off things. Ted: But I cant....

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-14

    Task3: Anger Script Anger is an emotion that can be hard to control. Despite this, we should learn how to manage anger in a constructive manner. In the most intense moments of anger, we usually have two choices: to fight or to run. Some choose the op...

  • 新视野大学英语视听说教程 4 Unit 1-15

    News Report U.S. Roller Coaster Script The worlds first 4D roller coaster, X, took on its first passengers last week at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, just outside Los Angeles. After climbing on board and properly securing their safety harn...

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